(2nd) 2018 Fall Application guidelines
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1. Programs
(1)Professional Degree Program
Admission Period
Master of Global Logistics Management /
Master EBP in International Management1)
1.5 yrs
Fall 2018
(Sep. 2018)
Master of Logistics Management
2 yrs
1) It is necessary for all new MGLM students to go to KEDGE Business School to get a double degree.
  (The period for studying at KEDGE Business School is scheduled from January to May 2019. All extra costs incurred by pursuing the double-degree program should be paid by the participants.)

(1)Academic Degree Program
Admission Period
Master of Science in Logistics
2 yrs
Fall 2018
(Sep. 2018)
Doctoral Program
Ph.D in Logistics
2 yrs
Integrated Program2)
4 yrs
1)   The GAAL course (Global program for Advanced Aviation Logistics) will be opened and operated in the MSLog program.
2)   Integrated Program: The process of integrating master''''s and doctoral courses and getting a doctoral degree according to normal procedures after admission.
Introduction to KEDGE Business School (formerly the Bordeaux Management School)
Bordeaux Management School (BEM) was founded in 1874, and offers 12 general and specialized programs; Purchasing, Global Supply Chain, Risk, International Business, Quality Management, Asset Management and Wine Management. BEM stands on a long history; it is the second oldest grandes écoles in business education and an older institution than HEC and ESSEC in Paris. BEM proudly hosts 3200 business major students and 90 permanent, associate, or affiliate professors. 120 partnerships with universities in over 40 countries are another driver to make BEM stronger.
As of January 2013, BEM announced its merger with EuroMed of Marseille, after which it has been known as KEDGE Business School. This has made it a significantly sizable business education institution, with 10,000 students and 250 professors, which is comparable to other business schools around the world (it is expected to become one of the top three business schools in France, and one of the top 15 international MBA programs by 2017).
Inha - KEDGE Double Degree Program
This program is designed to allow students to simultaneously pursue two master’s degrees from the Graduate School of Logistics (GSL) at Inha University and KEDGE Business School (formerly the Bordeaux Management School) respectively. Students take Logistics and Supply Chain Management specialized courses at Inha GSL, and basic yet necessary business courses at KEDGE to equip them with the required theoretical and academic background. In addition, all double degree students are required to undertake an internship for a significant period of time to acquire first-hand field experience. This dual emphasis on academic and practical experience will produce more competitive logistics specialists.

2. Application Instructions
Location and Remarks
Application deadline
2018. 6. 11. (Mon)
 ~ 6. 22. (Fri),
(Postal submission should arrive by
- Refer to the attached file to get information related to the required documents for your admission
- Submit documents in-person or via postal mail
- Address for submission: GSL Administration Office
(#114 Bldg.9)
- It is not possible to submit the documents by taking a picture.
Interview and
oral test
(Daytime MBA)
2018. 6. 27.(Wed)
~6. 28.(Thu)
- Place for the interview: GSL Faculty Meeting Room (#117, Bldg. 9)
- Waiting for the Interview: GLMP Lecture room
(#119, Bldg. 9)
 - Please bring your passport
 - Please arrive at the GLMP Lecture room 30 minutes before the interview
 - Interview for MSLog & Integrated Program may be conducted in English
- A more specific interview schedule will be provided            
- If you let us know in advance, you will be able to interview by phone.
(Evening MBA)
MSLog / PH.D
/ Integrated Program
Admission notices
2018. 7. 9.(Mon) 10:00 ~
- Each applicant will be notified of their admission by e-mail.
The schedule above is subject to change with prior notification.

3. Eligibility
Master’s /
Integrated program
1. Bachelor''''s degree from an accredited university
2. Or equivalent qualification
Integrated program
1. Master''''s degree from an accredited university
2. Or equivalent qualification
MGLM and MLM applicants may benefit from their previous logistics-related experience.

English requirements
750 or higher
79 or higher
213 or higher
6.0 or higher
651 or higher
MSLog /
700 or higher
71 or higher
207 or higher
5.5 or higher
600 or higher
(However, full-time students must meet the same requirements as MSLog students)
* MLM applicants may be able to submit verification of their English proficiency.
* The English proficiency test results should be valid (within 2 years of the test date).
* Applicants who meet one of the following conditions (documentary evidence is required) are exempted from the English test:
 - Those from one of the official English-speaking countries
- Those with 2 or more years of experience in an English-speaking school or business (can be domestic)
* In the event that the results of an English proficiency test are not submitted, applicants should take the English test designated by the GSL.
4. Admissions Procedure
1)    Screening of application documents
2)    Interview and oral test

5. Submission
MSLog /
Application Form
- Complete the form and print it out
(Attach a photo)
Bachelor''''s Degree Certification
 - Submit ‘Letter of Consent’
Master’s Degree
- Submit ‘Letter of Consent’
Undergraduate Transcript
- Calculate average GPA out of 4.5
(Transfer students must submit all
transcripts from past degree)
Graduate School
English Proficiency Test Score
- Official score report
Valid from within 2 years of application date (the score is valid for two years from the date of test)
- Those with 2 or more years of experience in an English-speaking school or business (can be domestic) may be exempted from providing documentary evidence.
 - MLM applicants only
Plan of Study
 - MSLog & Integrated program applicants only
English Essay
 - MGLM applicants only
Proof of Work Experience/ Employment
- Only if applicable
Supporting Evidence of other Student Merit (if applicable)
- GMAT or GRE transcripts
- Copy of certificates from related field
(includes certificate for federal logistics
- Copy of dissertation, patents and awards
Letter of Recommendation
- Only if applicable
MLM Scholarship
(if applicable)
- Only if applicable (MLM applicants only)
Affidavit of Tuition Support
 (if applicable)
- If an affiliated organization is providing
some or all of the tuition, an Affidavit of
Tuition Support must be submitted.
Letter Of Consent
- All applicants required
Application fee
- Master’s program (MGLM, MLM, MSLog): 60,000 KRW
 - Doctorate & Integrated program: 70,000 KRW
- International Applicants: Master’s USD60; Doctorate & Integrated program USD70
How to pay the application fee
- By bank transfer only.
- Account information
• English Bank Name: Hana Bank
• Swift Code: HNBNKRSE
• Bank Address: Hana Bank, 35, Eulji-Ro, Chung-Ku, Seoul, Korea
• Account Number: 748-911129-66907 / Hana Bank
• Recipient: (김태승) Taeseung Kim
Agreement to offer personal information
- Foreign applicants do not have to submit this.

Additional Documents For Foreign Applicants
International Applicants
Letter of Recommendation: 1 from
dean; 1 from instructing professor
- Issued by the last school attended by the applicant
- Only applicable to graduates of schools in China (issued by China’s Ministry of
Proof of Supporting Bank Account
- Bank account statement showing a 
 minimum of USD 20,000 deposited for
 more than a month
- Chinese should submit financial guarantor’s proof of employment and annual income certificate.
- If you submit the financial verification in another’s name, you also should submit verification of your relationship to that person.
Copy of passport and 3 photos      
Curriculum vitae
Proof of parents’ income
- Chinese applicants only
Copy of 居民身分證/家族戶口簿
- Chinese applicants only
 Proof of documents for apostille legalization
- Chinese applicants only
- Choose 1 of the 3 documents
Documents checked by a Korean consul in the country of sojourn or by consul of their own country in Korea
Proof of degree or education history issued by Degree Certification Center in Ministry of Chinese Education

1) All documents written in a foreign language other than English must be accompanied by a notarized translation in Korean.
2) All Degree Certification must be notarized.
3) All materials should be submitted in original copy. In case of a duplicated document, the applicant also should submit a letter to verify that the duplicated document is not different from the original copy.
4) If the transcripts full mark is not 4.5, applicants should submit converted transcripts by university or public institutes to verify the grades such as Foreign Credit website or WES.
5) In case of foreign applicants, you must submit a health check report.
6. Submission Schedule
1) Term: 11th June, 2018 ~ 25th June, 2018 (criterion for postal submissions)
2) Submission
 - Submission in person: GSL Admin Office (#114, Bldg. 9)
 - Postal submission: Should arrive at the GSL office by the application deadline (25th June)
    (Address: GSL Office (9-114), Inha University, Inha-Ro 100, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea)
3) All application materials submitted to GSL become the property of INHA University and will not be returned.
4) The GSL may request additional documents related to the document screening process.
5) All the required forms and documents should be sent to the address provided above.

7. Application Fees
 1) Master’s Program: 60,000 KRW
2) Doctoral & Integrated Program: 70,000 KRW
3) Foreign applicants: USD 60 (Master’s); USD 70 (Doctorate & Integrated)
 ※ How to pay the application fee
 - Application fee should be deposited in the designated Hana Bank account. It is not possible to pay by cash.
 - Designated Hana Bank account: 748-911129-66907 (Account name: Taeseung Kim)
 - Things to consider when making payment (please pay careful attention to the following when you pay):
· Please remember to provide your name and candidate number when you make the deposit
· In cases where the candidate’s name and the depositor’s name are different, we will not be able to verify your deposit.
· When you pay the fee by post, you should enclose the deposit receipt with the application documents.
· Application fee is non-refundable.

8. Scholarships and Privileges

Program Scholarship Privileges
MGLM 1. Tuition-Assistance Scholarship
- Half or quarter of tuition per semester
2. Scholarship for International Students
- Half or quarter of tuition based on student’s merit
- Double degree program of KEDGE Business School (This program may be provided only for MGLM course)
- Fully taught in English
- Support to get domestic and overseas logistics licenses
- Special lectures from various external experts
- Chances to perform domestic and foreign internships
MLM 1. Tuition-Assistance Scholarship
- Government employees, Military entrusted students
(50% of tuition)
- Hanjin Group employees, Inha university hospital employees
(50% of tuition)
- Inha educational personnel, Spouses and children
(50% of tuition)
- Employees of public institution and public corporation
(40% of tuition)
- Inha university graduates (30% of tuition)
- Employees of members of organizations under MOU with GSL
(30% of tuition)
- Educational personnel of Jungseok-Inha School Foundation
(30% of tuition)
- Employees of Inha university hospital’s partners
(30% of tuition)
- Employees of logistics company in Incheon (20% of tuition)
- Employees of general enterprise, 
Educational personnel of
other universities, Employees of organizations under MOU with
Inha university hospital (20% of tuition)
2. Scholarship for High Academic Performance
- Partial tuition aid
- Overseas workshops
- Support to get logistics licenses
MSLog 1. Scholarship for International Students
- Half or quarter scholarship based on merit
3. Scholarship for High Academic Performance
- Partial tuition aid
2. Inha university graduates (50% of tuition)
(Only for full-time students)
3. TA Scholarship
- Awarded if selected for Teaching Assistant
(Only for full-time students)
4. GAAL (Global program for Advanced Aviation Logistics) course scholarship: If chosen, students can be offered scholarships for three semesters. (Only for full-time students)
5. BK21 Plus Business Scholarship: If selected, the students will be offered personal expenses.
Students will be able to get a scholarship from BK21 Plus Business. (Only for full-time students)
6. Other scholarship programs
- Refer to homepage.
- Overseas workshop
Support to get domestic and overseas logistics licenses
- Special lectures from various external experts
- Opportunity to be an exchange student of foreign
1. Scholarship for International Students
- Half or quarter scholarship based on merit
(Only for full-time students)
2. Inha university graduates (50% of tuition)
(Only for full-time students)
3. Scholarship for High Academic Performance
- Partial tuition aid
4. TA Scholarship
- Awarded if selected for Teaching Assistant
(Only for full-time students)
5. BK21 Plus Business Scholarship: If students participate in the
BK21 Plus Program, they will be able to get a scholarship from
it. (Only for full-time students)
6 Other Scholarship Programs: Refer to homepage
- Special lecture from various external experts
- Participation in domestic and overseas academic conferences

Renewable if student maintains GPA 3.5 or above (Doctorate & integration program: GPA 3.75 or above)

9.  Miscellaneous

Please look over the following information carefully to avoid any unfortunate mishaps.

ⅰ. Transfer students must submit transcripts from all past institutions.
ⅱ. Inadequate documentation or failure to comply with the guidelines set forth in the admissions process will result in disqualification.
ⅲ. Applicant is responsible for problems that arise due to the untruthfulness of the application; changes cannot be made to the documents once they are submitted.
ⅳ. Applicants must bring their identification to the interview.
ⅴ. If it becomes clear that documents are inadequate or include fraudulent information, as with other cases of misconduct in the application process, acceptance or registration will be retracted.
ⅵ. Cross-registration in different degree programs is not allowed.
ⅶ. Expected graduates who have been admitted to the GSL must submit proof of graduation (degree completion) in August 2018 to the GSL Administration Office before classes begin in September 2018; failure to do so may result in retraction of acceptance.
ⅷ. Graduates of foreign undergraduate or graduate programs must submit their schools'''' address and e-mail address to confirm graduation details.
ⅸ. Subject matters not stated in this prospectus will be determined and handled by the GSL''''s Board of Admissions. 

Address in English :
INHA University, Graduate School of Logistics, 9-114,
Inha-ro 100, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea
Address in Korean :
인천광역시 남구 인하로 100 (22212)
인하대학교 물류전문대학원 행정실(9호관 114호)
Phone : +82-32-860-8224/8225 FAX : +82-32-860-8226

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